About Monica's

Greetings!  We are Monica and Thomas Droz.  We started the idea of a peanut brittle company after a winter long (an Alaskan winter) obsession with creating the most perfect batch of peanut brittle!  Trying it out on many friends and hearing so often, "You should sell this!" we actually started talking about making it a business. We jumped in to test the waters.  Our love for this kind of business was solidified with our first season of markets. We came up with several different varieties and perfected our recipes. We currently sell most of our brittle at local farmer's markets in both Anchorage and Palmer.  We also have a booth at many events in the area. There is no denying that fresh brittle, maybe even slightly warm from the kettle is a wonderfully satisfying explosion of flavors and textures!   It is very rewarding for us to see so many regular customers and hear how much they enjoy our products!

We truly are a small business.  Up until March of 2016, we created our treats in a rented commercial kitchen.  Feeling we were outgrowing our rental situation and with the addition of our two little guys, Caleb (Now 2 years old!!) and Sawyer (born April 2017), we made the leap to our own retail store in the Wasilla Frontier Mall!  We were able to to expand our homemade candy products to include things like fresh gummies, creamy fudge, gourmet marshmallows, and buttery caramels, just to mention a few!  We are very excited about the opportunity to connect with a larger group of folks in the community in this way.  We look forward to seeing you at our store soon!